Rahnumai Skills

Rahnumai Skills- What is it?

Rahnumai is a platform which aims to motivate youth to realize their potential. As a means to achieve this target, Rahnumai has now launched Rahnumai Skills. Unlike existing, skills development programs, Rahnumai Skills offers more than just one area of expertise. It brings to you everything that your university degree leaves out.In a span of 4 years with strictly defined degree requirements, you often miss out onreal life skills needed to survive. But it doesn’t just stop there. This goes on when you find yourself a job and eventually life comes to standstill.

Who is it for?

Fortunately, Rahnumai Skills is here to re-boost your skills set with an all-inclusive course designed as “21st Century Skills- Training for self-confidence”. Luckily, the course is being offered to students, professionals and stay at home individuals alike.Why Should you Enroll: Learning outcomesTaking into account the lack of real time learning offered in institutional programs these days, Rahnumai Skills brings forth smart tools delivered in a practice-oriented environment. Designed with modules specifically focused on self-exploration, productivity enhancement and presentation skills, the course with help you transform yourself.