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Rahnumai emerged as a vision turned into reality with the sole purpose to make higher education accessible and affordable to all students of Pakistan and to ensure availability of equal opportunities to students across the country. Covering a total of six SDGs, Rahnumai serves its students by providing them with the most unique set of services tailored according to their needs, preferences and budget. Through its online application portal, students can apply to their desired institute from anywhere they are and for students with inaccessibility to the internet, Rahnumai offers offline services to facilitate admission process. With over 15000 beneficiaries and 3000 institution applications processed, Rahnumai is working round the clock to bring the best of services and equal opportunities to students nationwide. 

Mission: To provide equal opportunity and access to higher level education to students across Pakistan without the hassle of having to travel long distances or worrying about socio-economic barriers.

Vision: To establish a one stop window solution catering to all student needs beginning from applying in desired institutions online, without travelling miles and waiting in long queues to finding potential employment opportunities.