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Rahnumai aims to increase higher education enrollment especially for students who do not have direct access to universities across Pakistan. Most universities in the country do not have an online application portal. As a result these students have to travel miles in order to get access to an application form. This is especially hard for female students as there are social barriers to their mobility. The result is the confinement of educational and future economic opportunities for a very specific set of individuals lacking in gender and class diversity.

Rahnumai’s online portal allows students from every region in the country to fill their university applications online without any barriers and select the universities where they want to apply. The organization then reviews these applications and forwards them to the university on the student’s behalf. In order to create access in areas where internet and computer facilities are not widely available, they conduct sessions in colleges to help the students navigate their portal and fill the application form.

Additional services on the portal include university profiles along with their fee structure and variety of programs that they offer. The portal also displays any scholarships or sources of funding available from the university on a merit or need basis as well as the deadlines for all applications.


Our mission is to increase higher education enrollment in Pakistan by removing barriers of mobility for students through our online application portal.