Camp Date(s)

Batch 2: Aug 11, 2020 to Aug 14, 2020
Batch 3: Aug 25, 2020 to Aug 28, 2020
Batch 4: Sept 15, 2020 to Sept 18, 2020

Registration Fee

Single Member:             2500 PKR / Person
Group of 3 Members: 2200 PKR / Person
Group of 5 Members: 2000 PKR / Person

About The Camp

Your Future Your Choice

Modern day educational and job market dynamics are becoming more complex and multi faceted.Students in their Matriculation/O levels and Intermediate/A levels find themselves with a wide range of pathways but lack the critical thinking needed to choose one that fits their individual self. Mustakbil Ki Uraan is an online project of Rahnumai, designed to engage and equip such students. Its content rich and activity based learning will ensure better understanding of a clear path towards the students’ academic future. During this four session based project, participants will be able to identify problems and barriers students face when they select an academic program for advancing their studies. The well-researched and interactive content will enable them to come up with solutions to solve those problems, gain knowledge and insight into their personality through self-assessment and mind-mapping. The project aims to bridge the gap between an individual student’s personality, education goals and career pathways to ensure theyselect a program which is in line with their personality and interests.

Camp | Details

Mustakbil Ki Uraan (MKU) is a fun, unique and interesting online skills camp launched under Rahnumai which is designed for students in their Matric / O-Level or Intermediate / A- Level of education. MKU’s aim is to equip students with the knowledge and skills to identify their educational, personal interests, figure out their skill set, find ways to nurture their potential, explore different opportunities and choose their academic careers accordingly. MKU is aimed at working towards the motto:"Your Future Your Choice" where after attending exciting, knowledge and activity based sessions students will feel empowered enough to realise their potential and confidently choose their future academic paths. Furthermore, the skills camp will not only train students and address their queries but an exclusive session will also be organised for parents to familiarise them with the camp’s goals, objectives, costs and benefits in oder to ensure parents’ trust in MKU and Rahnumai. MKU will take place online through our specially designed interactive sessions.

Camp Outline:

Day 1: Academic Future Planning and Parents

Sequence Topics
1 Welcome Program
2 Let's Greet Each Other (Activity)
3 What is Rahnumai and Mustaqbil Ki Uraan?
4 Project Breakdown
5 Tales of Success
6 Inspiration in Homeland (Videos)
7 One Thing You Did Against Your Will? (Activity)
8 Question Answers


Day 2: Introducing and Re-introducing Myself

Sequence Topics
1 Three Words (Activity)
2 Who Are You? (Feedback Discussion on Assignments)
3 Dream to Achieve
4 Find Yourself (Activity)
5 The Art of Mind Mapping (Activity)
6 OnlyPerfect Practice Makes Perfect (Assignments)
7 Question Answers


Day 3: Academic and Career Profiling

Sequence Topics
1 My Career Plan (Feedback Discussion on Assignments)
2 Multitasking Wonder or Vice! (Activity)
3 Resume and CV
4 Importance of Email
5 SOP and Personal Statement
6 The Art of Profiling and Document Management
7 OnlyPerfect Practice Makes Perfect (Assignments)
8 Question Answers


Day 4: Personality and The Right Career

Sequence Topics
1 Goal! What Makes You Proud? (Activity)
2 How I Built A Perfect Resume? (Feedback Discussion on Assignments)
3 Power of Belief System (Video)
4 Importance Of Community Service
5 Understanding Empathy
6 How to Create a Better World?
7 Beyond the Book
8 Bullying and Harassment
9 Question Answers


Registration Details:

Eligibility Criteria: 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, O-Level, A-Level Students
Deadline To Apply: A day before camp date!
Registration Fee: Single Member:             2500 PKR / Person
Group of 3 Members:  2200 PKR / Person
Group of 5 Members:  2000 PKR / Person
No. Of Days: 4 ( 1 Session per day)
Time Per Slot: 2 Hours (4:00 pm to 6:00 pm)
Camp Dates: Batch 2: Aug 11, 2020 to Aug 14, 2020
Batch 3: Aug 25, 2020 to Aug 28, 2020
Batch 4: Sept 15, 2020 to Sept 18, 2020
Note: Need-Based Scholarships are available for deserving students only.

Reserve | Your Seat

If you have any query feel free to contact Project Lead Miss. Rida Stephen at

Male Female Prefer not to say
9th 10th 11th 12th O-Level A-Level
Batch 2: Aug 11, 2020 to Aug 14, 2020 Batch 3: Aug 25, 2020 to Aug 28, 2020 Batch 4: Sept 15, 2020 to Sept 18, 2020
Single Member (2500 PKR / Person)
Group of 3 Members (2200 PKR / Person)
Group of 5 Members (2000 PKR / Person)

Yes No
If you say "No", you will have to prove through documents that you are eligible for financial aid. Please note that our fee is already in the affordable range. Only apply for the scholarship if you really deserve and there is no way that you can pay the amount. You will recieve a financial assitance form if you say "No".
Payment must be made via Jazz Cash, bank transfer, or through other payment methods available on request. In order to confirm your seat, you need to pay in 2 days after the confirmation call from our team.